Purpose of Memes

Do you know what a meme is? Passed from one person to another by non-genetic means, especially imitation, a meme is a cultural element or a part of a system of behavior. A majority of the memes are created from amusing pictures or videos. They have become an inseparable part of social media culture. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or even MySpace, memes can be seen everywhere.

This generation is addicted to memes, and adults find it very difficult to understand why these are so popular. The key purpose of memes is entertainment. The internet has become the best place for spending leisure time, and memes are a major source of those laughs. Memes are a kind of art that is purely for the purpose of everyone’s entertainment.

Some of us also believe that memes have a deep meaning. According to them, memes help people feel positive about certain things as a lot of times they are able to relate with them. Most of the teenagers opine that there is a serious message embedded in memes and meme culture is how we record our history through a lens. 

This generation is capable enough to turn every situation into a meme, whether it’s a newscaster blinking or a television host crying. If you don’t know about these classic memes, then you should look them up and enjoy. 

Not all memes are used for communicating the same things. For instance, the famous meme of Batman Slapping Robin, the image is used as an illustration, but some of them also use photos. Memes using illustrations and drawings are examples that show how the type of image used to influence the meme. In Regarding the Pain of Others, Susan Sontag showed the importance of photography for the viewers and photographers. She also did a comparison of drawings and photographs to explain why the latter is preferred when it is about the communication of suffering. “Some images can act like a synthesis. They claim things like this happened. In contrast, a single photograph or filmstrip claims to represent exactly what was before the camera’s lens, Sontag said in 2003.

The purpose of the memes is to communicate a relatable message while using humor to do so. Some memes are photos while others are some kind of illustrations that convey the message. Some memes are ironical and sometimes this is their purpose. Usually, a meme gains substance by ambiguity and the superposition of different meanings. Sometimes, there is a conflict between what is being portrayed by the image and the hidden meaning behind the meme.

The modern technological advancements have made sharing of images both possible and rapid. That is why the creation of internet memes has become very popular. Exploring the world of memes tells us that the ordinary images on which we don’t spend time initially are likely to become extremely popular. At first, memes are just a distraction from the office boredom but the fact is that their cultural relevance is also crucial.

Benefits of Memes

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