Memes About Work

When it comes to jobs, there is a very famous quote “Do what you love, and you will never work a day”. At some point in our life, we all have taken this very seriously and tried to prioritise our passion over money. But many of us are still stuck with some boring beginner job in an office cubicle and are struggling career-wise. This challenge has been further made more critical by dictator boss, zero snack machines, and lazy colleagues.  

Have you ever been so bored in your office that you have started working actually? Have you ever started typing some random words on your computer when your boss walks past your desk? Do you want to spend an extra few minutes away from your workstation and that’s why you visit the washroom frequently? If your answer is yes, then this compilation of funny memes about work is just for you.

Have you ever felt terrified of going to your office with a hangover and wished that you didn’t have this job? If you are nodding your head in affirmation, then you can definitely relate with these memes, which are sure to make you laugh. 

Just scroll down and spend some valuable work time going through these humorous memes about work. 

Running late, be there soon!

We all have been in this situation quite a few times. When it’s been a long time in the same job, then your level of comfort zone gets expanded to such an extent that running late is no longer a grave mistake. You are no longer scared of your boss and don’t even feel ashamed for not reaching office on time.

There’s no better feeling in the world.

If you work in the customer care department of your office, then you must have come across fussy customers. They are the ones who are not ready to listen to you even when you have offered them an effective solution. They continuously ask you to connect them to your boss. When you do so and your manager tells them exactly the same thing what you were saying, then that becomes a very awkward situation for them a funny one for you.

Sometimes you just can’t handle one more thing in your to-do list.

Even getting dressed up suitably is sometimes a task for you. When you are new in an office and have recently joined, then you have the excitement of waking up early and dress up your best. But when you have spent a few years in the same job, then you just want to wear the most comfortable clothes you have. You are no longer concerned about anything.

Keeping up with all those tasks can be exhausting.

This one is our favorite. You come to your office, log in and start doing your work. After completing a major portion of your task list, you start wondering that you have spent your whole day and it’s the time to leave for home. But then you check your watch and you realise that you have only spent half an hour. This meme is perfect for those who find their work so boring that they sometimes even lose track of time.

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