Meme Culture: What Is It?

Widely used by modern youth, memes have become so popular and an inseparable part of everyone’s daily life. Many of us don’t know what a ‘meme’ is or what ‘meme culture’ signifies.

Definition of meme: A brief

The famous British biologist Richard Dawkins introduced the term ‘meme’ in 1976. It is ‘a unit of cultural information spread by imitation’. A meme usually consists of a picture, which is derived from pop culture like cartoons and viral videos. It is also followed by a caption that depicts ‘relatable’ scenarios or something related to a relevant social, economic, and political news. Memes are shared via the internet on social media with their aim to entertain everyone. This has sparked the term ‘meme culture’.

What is meme culture and what does it involve?

The growing culture created by memes is the meme culture. In the beginning, memes were considered to be a part of the internet on which people would stumble upon regularly, get amused, and share with others to make them laugh. In today’s time, memes have become an obvious part of our social media life. Quite often, people use relatable memes in real life also depending on the situation. They incorporate memes in so many conversations.  

Spread of meme culture beyond original demographics – the youths of this generation

The idea of online communities across different platforms on the internet is not new to generations such as Millennials and Generation Z. they also know how memes spread beyond their own demographics. These days, memes are also being spread by the older generation. They are also very active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. People belonging to all generations can easily understand memes, and also they can create them. Thus, they are able to make memes with varied target demographics. As a result, memes reach people of all ages.

Public opinion on memes

Normally, everyone takes memes in a positive spirit because they are hilarious and relatable. That’s the reason why there is a huge rise in the growth of the memes page on social media. People post memes on a specific meme account. They have become very successful among the masses and gained a huge fan following. Some administrators of these pages are often earning money from promotions and advertisements on these pages. This source of income is sometimes primary and sometimes secondary. Often, there are memes that are criticised as well by being considered as ‘dark humor’. Such memes can be very offensive to certain audiences. Sometimes, memes also face scientific controversies.    

Generally speaking, internet culture is incomplete about meme culture. However, some people don’t like the content of some memes but memes are still one of the biggest sources of entertainment for people belonging to all generations. Getting a bit bored in office or having a bad day at school, memes are there to entertain you and change your mood instantly. Because of the popular meme culture, we are able to carry on with our lives smoothly.

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